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lunedì 16 giugno 2014

UNREAL CITY 2015 TOUR! Be part of it!

Who We Are

Hello! We are Unreal City, an Italian Progressive rock band! Our new album will be released by AMS Records in January 2015.
We are now organizing a tour to promote it!

We need your help for it!

What You Can Do To Support Us

We are organizing an European Tour for 2015 starting from 31st January 2015. 
We are willing to play in Switzerland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Austria (if your generosity goes further than our goal we could possibly also get to play in Canada, US and Japan).
We play a lot of instruments! 
So we have a good friend that help us to travel!

This is Betty Lou!

As you may imagine Betty Lout is an old lady and she needs to be treated in a certain way, therefore...we need your help to afford tour expenses!
The Impact 
Your help will get us touring in a lot of countries and hopefully we'll schedule a date near to your hometown!
But no worries, we'll be on tour even if we don't reach our goal, your help won't be wasted in any case!
The only difference will be the amount of dates in the tour and the number of countries reached!
Choose Your Perk!

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