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domenica 4 gennaio 2015

MAT2020 is out: English version

After eighteen months MAT2020 proposes a number in English, as requested by some readers overseas.
What will you find inside?
Let’s start from the “classic” concert of Keith Emerson, celebrating its 70 years: a fact really important for music lovers.
Interesting interview with Steve Babb, bassist and leader of american Glass Hammer, as well as the report of an Italian concert of Steven Wilson.
Long series of artists and albums presented: Airportman, Annot Rhul, Victor Peraino's Kingdom Come, Secret Tales, Il Tempio delle Clessidre (DVD), Habitat, Lagartija, Moorder "II", Nights! Nights!, Oscar Louise, Posto Blocco, Runaway Totem, Sparkle in Grey, The Bad Mexican, Vanth, Motherpearl, Yossi SassiOceanic, and Unreal City.
To report an article by Gianni Leone, keyboardist of Balletto di Bronzo, who tells us about his relationship with one of its instruments, the Korg CX-3.
To the corner of the Jazz we remember an Italian event, the Umbria Jazz, while in space blues are underlined historical aspects that bind Italy to America.
Do not miss the section dedicated to the metal, with the presentation of the new album by MotivA.

So ... good read by the editorial staff of  MAT 2020!


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